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Battle Alert:War of Tanks app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 512 ratings )
Games Action Strategy
Developer: ELEX Wireless
Current version: 4.7.64, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 27 Dec 2012
App size: 101.62 Mb

A legendary military strategy game with millions players.
10 thousands gave the game full 5 star review !
Build powerful army, defeat enemies for humans remaining resources in the hottest MMORTS war game on both iPhone and iPad!

Download to experience a real and interesting war!
Upgrade your Marine, Air forces, Grizzle Tanks or other powerful units.
Lead your army to attack and get lots of resource.
Its time for you to rule the world in game!


√Launch deadly attacks with 22 modern tanks, planes and units.

√Protect your base and dominate the World Freedom .

√Strategic, player-vs-player battles.

√Immersive environments and eye-popping graphics in game.

√Fight, protect, resource, units, mine...all you can imagine.

√Interesting campaign, legendary combat against field army.

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Pros and cons of Battle Alert:War of Tanks app for iPhone and iPad

Battle Alert:War of Tanks app good for

You can creating your base and develop it. You can attack, do a revenge, no message so no insult, I really enjoy it
Finally a great strategy game. Combines clash of clans and command and conquer. Early production,however great game right off the bat.
Not a bad little game. Good for burning up time while I wait on the rig.
Just got this app,it reminds me of clash of the clans great game too but this one has guns and tanks vary good game 5/5 on my scale.
like clash of clans but its with tanks.. fun game it has red alert voice like unit lost construction complete :)) a little quiet cause no chat or clan or group..
Kind of mini red alert game like it Cost of the upgrade command center is anlittle bit higher but its ok !!! Good game , recommended

Some bad moments

The game looks great but theres a crash at the very beginning :P Fix it cuz it looks so fun :3
So it downloaded installed and went to play. It twitched out and crashed when back in it it wont let my build button work so I look at my builder just chilling and my gatherers get me all the scrap metal I could want but I cant do anything with it . If it would work I would enjoy it but its kinda a let down.
Constantly crashes every time I open the app. It seemed so promising, but I cant even play 3 seconds without it crashing. I gave it 2 star instead of 1 because it was fun for the first 2 min I played.
It scks because cant pass the first ten seconds without crashing
This app was very poorly made and is a complete rip off, not to mention how hard its made for you to force u to pay actual money. Plz take this app off the market it is disgracefull
the concept of this game is good but it was done very very poorly /you have to wait sooooooo long to upgrade something and in the mean time someone attacks you and takes half your metal and oil which you need to upgrad .this game just goes backwards so you just stop playing . Come on guys you know how the human brain works ,No reward, no intrest BAD BAD BAD

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