Battle Alert:War of Tanks App Reviews

88 add


This is hat happens when you steal art


Very good bien

Very nice game

You can creating your base and develop it. You can attack, do a revenge, no message so no insult, I really enjoy it




Macht Spaß.

Nice game... Need to upgrade grahpics

Nice game but u guys need to upgrade the graphics..


Finally a great strategy game. Combines clash of clans and command and conquer. Early production,however great game right off the bat.


Like it, needs some more banking abilities, walls/energy shield, perhaps alliances. Love the interface.


Not a bad little game. Good for burning up time while I wait on the rig.

Crash at beginning

The game looks great but theres a crash at the very beginning :P Fix it cuz it looks so fun :3

Great battle game

Just got this app,it reminds me of clash of the clans great game too but this one has guns and tanks vary good game 5/5 on my scale.

Not bad

Similar to re alert

cool game

like clash of clans but its with tanks.. fun game it has red alert voice like unit lost construction complete :)) a little quiet cause no chat or clan or group..

First game I love

This is the first game that I can play for hours and hours


Its ok but I really lagy and theres a game on Facebook that looks like this game so maby you could you the graphics off there to make the game look better.

Nice game

Kind of mini red alert game like it Cost of the upgrade command center is anlittle bit higher but its ok !!! Good game , recommended

My life

This game is just epic, almost like red alert but better!! Trust me:) and to be honest, I love this game and I would play it 24/7

Cant play but want to

So it downloaded installed and went to play. It twitched out and crashed when back in it it wont let my build button work so I look at my builder just chilling and my gatherers get me all the scrap metal I could want but I cant do anything with it . If it would work I would enjoy it but its kinda a let down.

Cant even play.

Constantly crashes every time I open the app. It seemed so promising, but I cant even play 3 seconds without it crashing. I gave it 2 star instead of 1 because it was fun for the first 2 min I played.

Pretty good

It is pretty good

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